Gourmet Sicily:

Food & Wine Lovers

From 3  to  8 Days     

From  135€  PP  per  Day




From East to West:

Secrets & Highlights

From 3 to 8 Days 

From 145€ PP per Day




Love is in the Air:

Sicily for Couples

From 3 to 7 Days

From 295€ PP per Day




Whatever you are coming for the first time or you are already a real lover of Sicily, we prepared some ready Itineraries which will delight the interests of everyone. They are done exactly for your private group, no matter you are just a couple or a big group of friends, looking for authentic foodie experience or want to spend romantic holidays being surrounded by fragrance of orange and lemons trees. Whatever Itinerary You choose, we promise you will feel like you truly know the soul of Sicily and saw it through the eyes of the locals.

All Itineraries are done for 8 days, but please inform us if you need to shorten or prolong duration of your stay, as well as if you would like to have any particular type of lodging. Just fill in a simple Request Ready Itineraries form and we will complete the Itinerary in accordance with your preferences. Ready to go!