Beyond Sicily

Essence of Apulia - 6 Days Tour


Puglia is one of the most beautiful Italian regions and has a great combination of gorgeous coastline, sumptuous countryside and charming small towns in shades of white and gold, with unique architecture like the conical trulli of Alberobello and the extravagant baroque of Lecce. Rich of churches and castles, hidden piazzas and winding alleyways, markets and slow food trattorias, To truly understand the essence of the region visit medieval towns, savor fantastic local cuisine and stay in masseria. Or go beyond and step into an art-filled space of historic builidings combined with luxury facilities for an unrivalled experience.

Day 1 - Arrival to Bari / Salento airport and transfer to hotel. Ostuni Gourmet Walking Tour – 3 hours

Spread across three hills, the all-white city of Ostuni, in Italy’s Puglia, sits resplendent like a magical town you would usually find in the pages of a fairy tale. Surrounded by ancient olive groves, the whitewashed citadel is widely regarded as an architectural jewel. On your first day enjoy a 2 hours welcome tour, strolling with your guide through narrow streets lined with white-washed buildings, and tasting best of local delicatessen on your way.

Overnight in Ostuni

Day 2 - Tour to Locorotondo & Alberobello with cheese tasting, food market visit and Lunch – 6 hours

On this day meet your private driver / guide to go firstly to a small family-run cheesemaker house, where you can see the old traditions of cheesemaking at work. Here you will get to sample some of the freshest mozzarella and burrata you will taste in your life as well as finding out how these iconic cheeses are made.
Next stop is the charming town of Locorotondo, famous for its wine and circular historical centre. As you stroll the town’s streets, you will see more of the typical whitewashed houses Puglia is so well-known for and, as the town is perched upon a hill, it is possible to view over surrounding olive groves and trulli-peppered Valle d’Itria.
As part of the visit, you will also head to the local food market, where you can see the wonderful array of locally-grown fruit, vegetables and local products. Your foodie experience will continue then in a charming local restaurant, where a selection of traditional dishes will be offered and accompanied by refreshing white wines.
After lunch visit Alberobello, the iconic town of trulli, one of the most extraordinary town in the world. Visit to Alberobello is like walking into a fairy tale!

Overnight in Ostuni

Day 3 - Tour to Lecce with Lunch in Olive farm or Winery – 6 hours

Lecce has been called the ‘Florence of the baroque’, more than 40 churches and at least as many noble palazzi were built or renovated here between the middle of the 17th century and the end of the 18th to create one of the most unified urban landscapes in Italy. It is a relaxed place; while strolling feel as a local, sit outside bars, sip iced coffee with almond syrup (latte di mandorla, an eminently southern soft drink), or a glass of cool prosseco.
The next stop is Olive farm with countryside lunch! Puglia region produces almost half of the Italian production of the country’s ‘green gold’. On your visit to the olive oil farm, you will get to meet a small local producer, who will introduce the farm’s centuries-old traditions and answer all of your questions regarding how olive oil is made in Puglia. Additionaly or instead enjoy the Winery visit with tasting of exquisite Puglia wines.

Overnight in Ostuni

Day 4 - Tour to Monopoli & Polignano a Mare with fresh seafood Lunch – 6 hours

Today you are touring to a scenic, rocky Adriatic coastline and visiting the famous seaside towns of Monopoli and Polignano a Mare. Polignano a mare is a spectacular city built on a high cliff with some impressive caves below it. As it is a small town, and a couple of hours are perfect to explore the old city center. Wander along the cobble stone streets and discover the small churches, squares and Porta Vecchia. Also, every few hundred meters, you’ll find a new view of the Adriatic Sea and the caves below. While walking enjoy a gelato from one of the places close to the Roman Bridge.
Next stop (just 10 mins driving) is Monopoli, another small fishing white town on the blue coast of the Adriatic Sea. Before you know it, you will feel the time slowing down to the rhythm of the sunny south. Visit the castle, enjoy a walk in the port or maybe take a bath in the sea. Walking in the Old Center maze you’ll discover a Pallazo, a small square or a church at every corner! At the end of the tour enjoy the fresh seafood lunch and scenic views of this unforgettable place.

Overnight in Ostuni

Day 5 - Transfer to Matera, Walking tour with famous bread tasting - 4 hours

It is time to tell ciao to Puglia and to move to the neighbouring region of Basilicata. In Matera Italy you’ll spend a lot of time in caves. You’ll sleep in a cave, eat in a cave, drink an aperitivo in a cave, and even view modern sculpture in a cave. The ancient neighbourhoods, known as sassi, are a series of grottoes carved out of limestone, teetering on the edge of a ravine. While visitor numbers have grown and many of the caves have been transformed into stylish hotels and restaurants, Matera still has an undiscovered air.
This southern Italian city is one of the most unique and spectacular places you will ever visit in Italy or anywhere in the world. Discover it with your friendly local guide and visit the local bakery for tasting the famous Altamura DOP bread and specila focaccia, made with hard wheat dough and topped with sliced tomatoes, oregano and, of course, extra virgin olive oil.
Dive into a magic night atmosphere of the town!

Overnight in Matera

Day 6 - Breakfast and transfer to Bari airport