The best Sicilian Experience Day Tours and Trips

Gastronomy, art, architecture, history, fun and excitement, these are ingredients of the best Sicily Tour! From Palermo’s most iconic landmarks to the hidden-treasure hill towns of island, the day tours in Sicily, Italy is a great way to enrich your vacation with professional help of our charming strorytelling guides. Check our selection of the most visited Sicily day trips. No matter what you choose, culture, food or sicily wine experience, you will definitely feel excited!

Food & Wine

Available in: Taormina, Etna, Siracusa and Palermo. You will find the best recipes from the local people to take them with you to your home.

Culture & Skills

When during just one day you can get new skills or discover the history and culture of this wonderful island.

Godfather Movie

The guide going to tell the story of mafia creation, its structure and wars. Also is planned the visit to the famous places where the scenes of the movie were made.

Power of Volcano

See the highest and active volcano in Europe. Seeing Etna is always a memorable experience. This is a spectacular experience to see lava flows and craters.